Company Profile

Data as the core of the rmation age is coming,

Fasii try to create the most secure and efficient data processing system,

through innovative achieve customers’ dream,

and assist each customer become data operator.

Fasii Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd founded in March 2014,  The core team has undertaken research and development of Google storage system and communication system, carrying more than 10% of the global business volume.

Company based on near data calculation, reconfigurable computing and flash storage technology . Provide equipment level technical innovation support and mating for special equipment. Provide complete products and solutions for edge layer computing and cloud computing systems. Suitable for computing intensive and data intensive application scenarios, including artificial intelligence, intelligence analysis, gene sequencing, video analysis, financial technology, etc.

The main customer base covers telecom, broadcasting, public security, military industry and other industries.

The strategic investment institutions of FASII include the group of HuaLu and HuaWen.FASII is a high technology company having the world's advanced technology,rich market resources and abundant capital reserves.


Branch company:Beijing  Hangzhou  Soochow  Chengtu